070I rode up in the elevator with a woman today and she shared how she was feeling, she said “If only my back would stop hurting I believe the world would be a beautiful place.”
As I exited the elevator my thoughts were on what she had said and about my own pain and I immediately knew deep within me that the world is a beautiful place if Jesus is my center, the bible tells us that there are going to be tough times, pressure from all around and yes, pain and suffering.
I am reminded of when I was expecting my daughter, I knew that labor was going to be painful but I knew the end result would be the birth of my child, and even after labor and a C-section to deliver her the pain was quickly forgotten because I held my beautiful miracle in my arms. And yes I have pain everyday and sometimes it feels like it is too hard to go on but I know the end result and it is beautiful, Christ died an excruciating death so that I could experience the beauty of His love even in my pain and so that I would have the promise of a painless eternity with Him. Christ has made all things beautiful.




come-holy-spiritHow many times have I said “I don’t know what else to do” when I bring my burden to You?  You are not my last resort, You are my first resort, my only resort!!  Gone are the days of trying to figure things out on my own and feeling alone and afraid, You have filled every gap, sealed every hole and placed Yourself within me, You are tightly sealed within my very being, You are who I am and I am who You are.